How to Attract Chinese Tourists

The Complete Guide for Tour and Activity Providers

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Tools and tactics to win in the Chinese outbound tourism market

Chinese tourists outspend every other nation by a long margin when it comes to international travel. This is why the Chinese tourism market is now an attractive segment for tour and activity providers across Europe. However, there are certain factors that make it hard to provide quality tourism products to Chinese tourists - such as the cultural differences and language barrier.

With this book, we aim to educate and help tourism businesses win in the Chinese outbound tourism market. It’s about being able to meet demand in the best possible way and achieve strong results in this growing segment.

In this guide you will find:

  • How to design the perfect experience for Chinese tourists.
  • Which are the best digital platforms to reach Chinese tourists.
  • Customer profile - what you should know about the market.
  • How to use WeChat as a cheap and efficient marketing tool.
  • How to craft compelling offers for Chinese tourists.
  • Key stats and figures about the Chinese outbound tourism market.

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